Our Missionaries

Historically COD has been on the forefront of sending missionaries throughout the earth!
We still actively support a number of missionaries who have been sent from COD, and are currently training others to serve.
Listed below are a number of those currently on the field.
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Andy & Margaret Andersen | Tabora, Tanzania (Africa)

After years in the Lake Victoria area, we are now inland in Tabora, Tanzania, an area that in every way is needy: physically, spiritually, and economically. Our priority is for reaching the unreached Nyamwezi people, of whom the majority affiliate with Islamic values, often mixed with folk animism. Our aim is to work together with church leaders who are committed to opening up new areas to Christianity, training them for cross-cultural work, equipping and encouraging them to disciple others. Our prayer is that the Nyamwezi would soon be a people group that professes Christ as Savior, growing to maturity. 

To find out more about the Nyamwezi people – read THIS. And click HERE to learn more about the Andersen’s ministry. 

Connect with the Andersens: Reach Andy at andrew.andersen@aimint.org and Margaret at margaret.andersen@aimint.orgAnd visit Margaret’s Facebook page for the latest updates!

Jose & Janeen Gutierrez | Loja, Ecuador

We are currently in our second term of service with Serving in Mission (SIM) in Loja, Ecuador. Our desire is to help equip the local church to proclaim Jesus’ name throughout Southern Ecuador. Growing Pastors is our main ministry, and its objective is to equip and encourage pastors and lay leaders through building relationships and offering workshops and conferences to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Word. One of the most effective ways we minister is through ESI – Equipping Servants. It’s a three-year program designed to give a solid biblical foundation, to encourage pastors to build up a team of leaders to serve with them, and to build relationships and set up accountability among participants. We are also involved in several local churches. Janeen has trained and built relationships with children’s teachers and has taught alongside them.
Watch more about the Gutierrez’s journey of growing pastors in Ecuador HERE.  They can be reached at Janeen.Gutierrez@sim.orgjose.gutierrez@sim.org, or connect via Janeen’s Facebook page.  

Kris & Heather Hoffman | Spain

Kris and Heather Hoffman are following God’s call to ministry by serving as dorm parents for missionary kids. To this end, they are presently support-raising to serve at a missionary kid school, the Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA), near Madrid, Spain. There, they will establish and run a boarding program for teenage missionary kids whose parents serve in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. They are incredibly excited to be able to minister to their favorite people group: missionary kids (MKs). Kris and Heather have four missionary kids of their own, and Kris is an MK himself. Their plan is to stay in Spain long-term, which is necessary to have an effective ministry to the MKs, and also to establish a solid foundation for the school to have a healthy and permanent boarding program.
Watch THIS VIDEO to hear stories from parents about how ECA has helped them in their ministry by providing a high quality, God-focused education for their children. And find out more about the day to day ministry of ECA HERE.  And to read about Kris’ recent “Walmart Faith Moment”, visit his Facebook. page!  
Kris and Heather can be contacted at kristopherhoffman@hotmail.com.

Rob & Karen Kimmons | Nantes, France

Rob and Karen Kimmons first moved to Nantes, France near a small group of displaced Chadians and Sudanese who speak a language that has no believers and no Bible. The Kimmons have helped to develop a writing system for this language while sharing Christ with them. They are working to disciple believers and translate Scriptures. 

Due to the overwhelming numbers of refugees that have come to live in their area, they have shifted the focus of their ministries to refugee and international student ministries.  The world has literally come to their doorstep and they are involved in many types of practical helps with the hope of many opportunities to share Jesus.
The Kimmons can be reached at karen.kimmons@swissmail.org and rob.kimmons@swissmail.org.

Colin McDougall Sr. | Robbinsville, NC

Colin has been serving with Eternal Truth Ministries since 1990 in North Carolina. He trains and disciples pastors and leaders and especially enjoys training them how to make disciples in their churches. He travels to Romania, Ukraine and other parts of the world training and encouraging pastors as well.  
For more information visit the ETM website (http://www.etmnc.org/) , or contact Colin Sr. directly at colinstewart0607@gmail.com.


Colin & Becca McDougall | Nairobi, Tanzania (Africa)

We have served in Kenya and Tanzania for a combined 20 years, mostly with Africa Inland Mission doing pioneer church planting in unreached areas. Now Colin has been appointed to direct all of AIM’s outreach in East Africa in the role of regional executive officer. We are responsible for 170 adult missionaries and their children: to make sure that they are effectively placed and have the support they need to bring the gospel to the unreached tribes of Kenya and Tanzania. The geographical area is vast–as large as Arizona, New Mexico and Texas combined, but without the interstate highway system; so it requires a lot of travel to stay in touch with everyone. But we also look for opportunities for hands-on discipleship wherever Jesus sends us.
Enjoy THIS STORY of God’s exciting work among the Samburu people in Africa over the past 50 years. This is a part of the legacy of former COD missionaries; it is also part of the continued vision of Colin and Becca as they shepherd work among other unreached people groups in Africa.  
Colin and Becca are asking for 1000 partners to join them in praying for unreached people groups (UPGs) in Africa. Would you join them? Subscribe HERE.
Get in touch with Colin and Becca at cbmcdougall@aimint.org.

David & Joy Tuggy | Mexico

David and Joy have spent their entire adult lives in Mexico as Bible translators. They raised their kids there and continue living and serving there (currently in Orizaba), working with a team of local translators and churches to eventually see the Bible completely translated in the Nawatl language. Besides leading the Nawatl language translation team, David also travels all over the world, teaching linguistic students Bible translation skills. 
FInd out why “you don’t have to preach!” Check out this recent story (December 2017) from David Tuggy HERE!
Connect with the Tuggys at david_tuggy@sil.org and joy_tuggy@sil.org.  

Mark & Esther Weathers | Mexico

Mark and Esther first headed to Southern Mexico as young adults. They have dedicated their lives to learning the Me’phaa language, creating an alphabet, and translating Bible into the Me’phaa language. They have developed a team of local translators and are nearing their goal of one day having the entire Bible translated for the Me’phaa people to be able to read and study God’s Word in their heart language.
Hear Mark and Esther share a STORY of God’s incredible work in the life of one lady who heard the Scripture in her own language.
Mark and Esther can be contacted at mark_weathers@sil.org and esther_weathers@sil.org.  


Doug & Ruth Weber | Osceola, IN

Doug and Ruth serve with Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global), on loan to SonSet Solutions. They served in Ecuador for 21 years before relocating to Elkhart, IN in 2014. 

Doug is leading a new initiative to develop evangelistic content that can be shared on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc). This is part of a new effort to find ways to use mobile technology on the mission field. Doug also heads up the communications department for SonSet Solutions. In this role, he is involved in content creation for the web page, social media, quarterly newsletter, email news, brochures, etc.  
The Weber’s spent some time in Burkino Faso last summer. Read Ruth’s account of the time, called The Shifting Tide in Africa.  One of their team members, a 20 year old college student named Vince, wrote about the trip and called it Lives Given 100%.

Watch this evangelistic conversation starter VIDEO Doug recently created. Check out THIS STORY of how a radio ministry of SonSet Solutions helped a woman in Uganda turn from suicide to faith in Jesus. 

Get in touch with Doug and Ruth at dweber@reachbeyond.org.