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COD 101 and 102

COD 101. This is a seven-week class to get to know the heart, vision, leadership and ministries of Church of the Open Door. This is an important group to join to feel “at home” at COD. There will be a tour of the campus, interviews of key ministry leaders, and it’s a great place to get your questions answered. All of the most important ministries and values of the church will be discussed.
COD 102. This class follows COD 101 and continues your process of getting acquainted with Church of the Open Door.  It covers topics such as: Our Vision, Our Body, Our Beliefs, Our Leadership, Our Team, Our Giving and our Commitment to the Gospel. At the conclusion of this seven-week series, you’ll have the chance to interview for membership if you wish. 
Check the calendar for dates of the next COD 101 and COD 102, or inquire at

A Meal with 12 Strangers

We’re planning our next Meal with 12 Strangers — a casual gathering over a meal that provides a great opportunity to get to know people. The meals are held in the homes of COD members and include people from all walks of life from the church family.
Whether you are brand new to the church or have been here for decades, we’ve noticed that the best way to get to know each other is by enjoying some old fashioned hospitality and friendship around a meal.
Check the website calendar for the next scheduled Meal with 12 Strangers, or contact for details!