Church of the Open Door is committed to making disciples to Jesus Christ. This passion for making disciples sometimes leads our members to become burdened to go as disciple-makers to other countries. Together with them we begin praying that God will allow us to send them out, equipped and prepared for the challenges. When they go out we pray for them, support them financially, and stay connected to them as members of our church family who represent us and who are still in our hearts. When they return to visit we love to get reconnected, help them be refreshed, hear their stories and provide places they can minister while we are together. 
We have missionaries in Africa, Asia, South America, and North America, and have been sending missionaries out since 1916! The missions map on the wall of the downtown church was a constant reminder of the church’s heart for the world, and that heart still beats strongly for Christ’s message of hope to be shared and heard throughout the earth!
Global Outreach
Local Outreach