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We are a Christ preaching, Bible believing, sinner receiving community of grace. As the Gospel heals our brokenness, God helps us through our failures as we open our lives to His protective love and the love of one another.
Relationships in our community are critical in this process and we gather in smaller groups (HUB groups, discipleship relationships, Bible classes, service opportunities) to support and pray for one another. We are humbled both by the successes and the failures in this spiritual family we call Church of the Open Door; we are enamored by the grace of God that privileges us to be a part of each other’s lives in this way.  
Church of the Open Door (COD) was conceived in the mind of Dr. R.A. Torrey, who had come to Los Angeles to start the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA). The church was to be strictly interdenominational. Its purpose was to reach the lost of Los Angeles and was reflected in the name based on two passages of Scripture, John 10:9 and Revelation 3:8. Other pastors have included Dr. Louis T. Talbot (1932-1948) and Dr. J. Vernon McGee (1949-1970). 
For 70 years it was located in downtown Los Angeles and was identified by the Jesus Saves signs, which could be seen from all the surrounding freeways. In 1985 the church relocated to Glendora, California. The people of COD have always been a people of faith and vision. Over the years our faith and vision have guided us to accomplish great things in the name of Jesus Christ. We are praying that He will continue to allow us to make disciples of all the nations.
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