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Church of the Open Door was conceived in the mind of Dr. R.A. Torrey who had come to Los Angeles to start the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA). The church was to be strictly interdenominational. Its purpose was to reach the lost of Los Angeles which was reflected in the name based on two passages of Scripture, John 10:9 and Revelation 3:8. Other pastors have included Dr. Louis T. Talbot (1932-1948) and Dr. J. Vernon McGee (1949-1970).
For 70 years it was located in downtown Los Angeles and was identified by the Jesus Saves signs which could be seen from all the surrounding freeways. In 1985 the church relocated in Glendora, California. The people of COD have always been a people of faith and vision. Over the years our faith and vision have guided us to accomplish great things in the name of Jesus Christ.
We’re not a perfect church, but we are a healthy church. If you become a part of this faith community, you’ll discover that we’re extremely excited about what God is doing here as He releases the resurrection power from our lives. You’ll discover that our leaders take our assignment from God seriously–to love and care for His people as selfless shepherds, to lay down our lives for the people we lead. We sometimes fail, but God helps us through our failures as we open our lives to His protective love and the love of one another.
You’ll discover that the marriages, families, and friendships in our community of faith are valued and often very close, that we gather in smaller groups to love, support and pray for one another earnestly. You’ll meet people at Church of the Open Door who will tell you that if it wasn’t for what Christ is doing in their lives and the encouragement and support they receive from their friends in this church, they would never have made it through tough times. We are humbled by both the successes and the failures in this spiritual family we call Church of the Open Door; we are humbled by the grace of God that privileges us to be a part of one another’s life in this way. 
We are here to encourage you by telling you over and over again that the life you’ve been living is not the life Jesus wants you to have. To help you believe that you are worth far more than what the voices of this world tell you you are worth. Check out more about us below:
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Small Group ministries are integral to how people connect at COD every week! Each ministry serves not only the church body, but each other and our community in unique, God-honoring ways. They are avenues to access for those who want to go deeper in their walk with our Lord Jesus. They are doorways to enter for those who desire closer relationships within the COD community. They are bridges to cross for those whose hearts are seeking lives of eternal significance. Small Groups at COD not only describe the weekly meetings in many homes in our local community, but also exist within the regular framework of ministry developed and nurtured by our loving staff, elders and lay leaders. We pray you’ll get involved in a group and invite God and others to have real influence in your life.


Church of the Open Door is committed to making disciples to Jesus Christ. This passion for making disciples sometimes leads our members to become burdened to go as disciple-makers to other countries. Together with them we begin praying that God will allow us to send them out, equipped and prepared for the challenges. When they go out we pray for them, support them financially, and stay connected to them as members of our church family who represent us and who are still in our hearts. When they return to visit we love to get reconnected, help them be refreshed, hear their stories and provide places they can minister while we are together. 
We have missionaries in Africa, Asia, South America, and North America, and have been sending missionaries out since 1916! The missions map on the wall of the Downtown church was a constant reminder of the church’s heart for the world, and that heart still beats strongly for Christ’s message of hope to be shared and heard throughout the earth!
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Here you can find multiple resources for study, discipleship and more. 
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Glendora, CA 91741
Phone: (626) 914-4646
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Weekly Services at COD
Services at 9:00am & 11:00am in the Worship Center.
Our services usually include 6-8 singers leading modern worship and hymn arrangements along with full band. There is an emphasis on corporate praise and expository teaching from the Word of God, all in an informal, multi-generational atmosphere.
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